Meet Wendy

I am on a mission to create a world where every person knows to their soul that they belong and deserve to be seen, heard, and valued.


Wendy Gates Corbett

Wendy Gates Corbett, MS, CPTD stands at the forefront of Belonging and Leadership, wielding her expertise with a vibrant energy that transforms workplaces and speaking stages alike. Her personal journey as an adopted biracial individual has profoundly influenced her mission to cultivate spaces of unconditional acceptance, a mission that she brings to life as a top-tier organizational culture consultant, global training executive, belonging researcher, and Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Management at Duke University. Results from her programs and consulting work produce increased profits, improved employee engagement, and greater innovation.

Wendy’s research, which has touched over 150,000 people worldwide, pinpoints the behaviors that foster a genuine sense of belonging within organizations. Her thought leadership is highlighted in her role on the Board of Trustees of Guilford College, her recognition as Business Consultant of the Year, and an Association for Talent Development (ATD) award that honors her contributions to community and leadership.

Wendy is a respected leader in the training industry. She is a past member of the international board of directors for ATD and served as the SME for inclusion in ATD’s most recent review of its Body of Knowledge.

As an international keynote speaker, Wendy’s energizing presentations are more than just speeches—they are transformative experiences. They are a harmonious blend of insightful knowledge, engaging storytelling, and enlightening entertainment, leaving audiences both informed and inspired. Her ability to connect, to make each person feel seen and heard, turns her keynotes into a communal journey toward a deeper understanding of Belonging.

Wendy’s upcoming book, “The Energy of Belonging: 75 Ideas to Spark Workplace Community,” coming January 2024, is eagerly awaited as a continuation of her vital discourse on the subject. Whether consulting in the boardroom, lecturing in the classroom, or captivating an audience on stage, Wendy Gates Corbett is a beacon of progress, hope, and action guiding a path toward a more inclusive, empowered, and thriving future. Her work sparks impactful change, encouraging everyone to claim their space, their voice, and their power to belong. 

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