Meet Wendy

I am on a mission to create a world where every person knows to their soul that they belong and deserve to be seen, heard, and valued.


Wendy Gates Corbett

Wendy Gates Corbett, MS, CPTD believes every human being deserves be (and feel) safe to express their entire being without fear.

She is an organization culture consultant who guides leaders in taking the difficult, vulnerable yet necessary steps to create embracive spaces where employees know without a doubt that they belong.

As the President of Signature Presentations, a global training executive, and an Adjunct Professor of Leadership and Management at Duke University, Wendy researches what contributes to employees’ sense of belonging at work. She has spoken for more than 150,000 people all over the world about building belonging, confidence, clarity, and powerful presence.

Wendy is an experienced international presenter, award-winning presentation consultant, and certified trainer who has helped hundreds of executives, leaders, and professional athletes become more clear, impactful presenters. She works with professionals to own their space and step with confidence into their spotlight, whether that’s on a stage or in the board room.

Her upcoming book on building belonging at work will be published in the summer of 2022.